TECHNOLOGY: Informatics position at Highmark

Those of us who spend too much time whining about why this or that health plan can’t get their IT and customer service together now have a chance to do something about it. Highmark, one of the nation’s biggest and richest Blues plans is looking for a VP of Healthcare Informatics, and via one of their vendors asked me to publicize their search.

Here are some minimal details –the catch of course is that you have to move to Pittsburgh (cue abusive letters about snobby Californians…). You can email me if you want the full description and I can send you on — (and no I’m not getting a cut!).

By the way the first job for the new VP of Informatics should be to fix the careers part of the Highmark web site which is totally fouled up when viewed in Firefox and not a whole lot more helpful (but at least is functional) when viewed with Explorer.

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