HEALTH PLANS: The power of THCB! Ooh, can’t you just feel it…

While GSK apparently isn’t bending to my whim, the same may not be true in Oakland. The correspondent who cajoled me into writing about the Kaiser Thrive campaign points out that:

If you need some quick affirmation of your own visibility, it looks like Kaiser finally took down the Northern California Systems Diagrams from the Tripod site. I gripe about for a month: nothing. You blog on it, and two days later the problem is addressed. This of course means the link in your log entry is broken. If you still want to link to the Systems Diagrams, I have a mirror of them (I’m one of at least three people who mirrored the site, actually)

I’m not actually going to repost that link, as part of what I was interested in doing was hoping that Kaiser would tidy up its links. If you’re that keen to find the wiring diagram (and other anti-Kaiser stuff), go over to my correspondent’s site.

Meanwhile I’m going to go and lie down as all the power and influence I’m wielding is making me feel giddy….

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