BLOGS: Apology to Brian Towell

Last week I published an article from Industry Veteran responding to an article posted by Brian Towell. On re-reading the Veteran’s piece in a more grounded manner, he went over the line from being rude about Brian’s ideas to being rude about him personally. My aim in THCB is to provide a place where I and others can air strong opinions about the health care marketplace. I welcome contributions from the Veteran and others, and it’s in the nature of this blog that sometimes posts are more like a late night bar conversation than scholarly articles. But there’s enough really bad stuff going on in the world without adding more personal invective. So I apologize to Brian for publishing the Veteran’s piece. I’ll employ a slightly heavier use of my editorial discretion in future and hope that we can now get back to more constructive consideration of the issues.  By the way, Brian’s piece on what pharma has to do about its overall marketing strategy, which is long and thoughtful, is here, and the Veteran will be back doing what he does so well later.

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  1. Brian,
    Did you work at Publitek? nIn that case my name may remind you of a few well spent hours in The Italian Restaurant in Curzon Street.
    How are you and Terry?
    It woyuld be nice to have your news.
    John W.