INTERNATIONAL: Canada’s Liberal Party Loses Majority

So after all the fuss about Canada possibly changing political horses, the election result shows that the Liberal Party got much more of the vote (37%) than the conservatives (29%). Due to the way Canada’s parliamentary system works (and because of the gains by the Quebec nationalists), PM Martin will have to form a coalition government. But the impact on the health care system will likely be neglible, as both sides more or less want to keep it as it is and both have promised to spend more money on it.

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hi, my name is juliana, and in school i’m learning about liberal party.
So i was wondering is u could plz help me answer some questions.
The questions are:
What areas generally vote for this party?
what areas do not?
who is their greatest opposition?
and any other intereating facts


THIS IS A c/p OF AN ACTUAL LETTER SENT TO THE LIBERAL PARTY. May 2/2006 I think the ideas are GREAT!! so let the liberals know, fax them (number below) and lets Blog the Crap out of this EVERYWHERE!! could be Great for all Canadians. ………….. Attention Liberal Party of Canada, Do you want to WIN! The next Election in Canada? If so, Please continue to read this letter. I am a 46-year-old Canadian Male, Liberal supporter and since the Trudeau years I have followed politics, and I have NEVER FAILED to know the outcome of an Election way before… Read more »