PHARMA/POLICY: Kaiser FF reports on Seniors views on the Medicare bill

In a vain attempt to clear THCB’s backlog — I tend to save every interesting story and lately there have been too many — I’m just posting a quick link to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s recent focus groups with Medicare recipients. Lots of good stuff here which the wonks among you will dive into (if you haven’t already) but the top line is that seniors think the new law is confusing and a bad deal. Seems to be proof that while Tom Delay and Denny Hastert can please the drug companies, PBMs and HMOs all at one, it indeed could all cause their good friend George W. Bush some dis-pleasure come November. Not that he hasn’t got his hands full elsewhere.

Note another senior (Ted Kennedy)’s line on the matter–(I can’t find it so I’m paraphrasing…please send it to me if you have it) "Who do you trust, the Republicans who fought against Medicare every step of the way and are now giving your money to the drug companies and the HMOs, or the Democrats who founded Medicare and will fight every day until it covers every senior completely"

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