POLICY: Just one more poll showing that Medicare bill is a loser for Bush

I tend to believe that the Adminstration wouldn’t have tried quite so hard to pass PDIMA had they known that 55% of seniors would dissaprove and only 35% approve of their handling of Medicare a mere 100 days later.

This matters of course only because Florida and Pennsylvania are the two biggest swing states in the November election, both were very close last time (dead heat in Florida or fraud at the polls–take your pick), and whoever wins them probably wins the Presidency. In the 2000 census, the over-65s make up 12.4% of the population. In Florida they make up 17.6% of the population and in Pennsylvania, 15.6%. Yes, those are the two highest of any states. Seniors vote in greater proportion than any other age group and they vote about health care more than any other issue. Oh, and they hate drug companies, or at least don’t trust them any more. Prepare for 6 more months of some variant of the phrase "drug company written Medicare give-away" from Senator Kerry’s mouth.

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