PHARMA: West Virginia joins the fray

Just in case you out there haven’t been keeping up with the big city papers, the Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia reports that West Virginia is the latest state to try to institute Canadian price levels in what it pays for drugs, presumably for Medicaid and state employees. How’s it going to do that? It’s going to

    establish a "pricing schedule," a list of drugs and what they should cost. It would be based on either the Federal Supply Schedule (which is estimated to be 40 percent less expensive than retail prices), what the Canadian government pays, or another price reference "that will maximize savings to the broadest percentage of the population of this state."

This is more or less the same thing that several other states have done by setting up links to Canadian pharmacies, but the first one that I recall that’s explicitly trying to piggyback of the discounts that the Feds get when they buy for the VA system. And I believe that this is the first one in a "Red" state.

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