POLICY/PHARMA: Medicare polls galore

Medicare drug coverage is still a big issue and those seniors who know about it still don’t like it as the latest Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows. There’s much more in this chart pack including the fact that only 15% of seniors understand the bill, and only 32% knew that it had passed into law! Of those that did know that it was now the law 75% don’t like it! However, the Harris folk notice in their most recent poll that opposition to the bill is a little lower now than when it was originally passed, and the most contentious issue by far among seniors is the banning of Canadian imports. 84% disapprove of that segment of the bill.

If I was the Republicans or their PhRMA paymasters, I might bid a strategic retreat on that front, and see if I can win the war, rather than suffer near-certain defeat protecting an over-exposed hill top. Otherwise you can be sure that by next November the Democrats will make sure that every senior in America knows about the "bad" aspects of the bill brought to them by the Republicans and those nasty pharma companies.

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