PHARMA: Love the sin, hate the sinner?

The latest Harris Interactive/WSJ poll compares various ratings of the trust of the public in institutions and professions "to do the right thing" versus their trust in specific people, products and companies "to do the right thing for you".  They then lay out the difference between the trust in the profession/the individual etc.  The results make rough reading for many groups (including health plans) but the worse is for the pharmaceutical industry which has been losing the public over the re-importation issue for a couple of years. There’s a 34% difference between those who don’t trust the Rx they take versus those who don’t trust the pharmaceutical companies (and yes more people trust the drug rather than the companies). So in general we’re OK with the product but hate the producer, or perhaps we love the sin but hate the sinner!

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  1. Why are we forced to sit through endless commercials for one drug to the other? Is this not irresponsibility on the part of the pharma industry. They tell us that the patient comes first. In actual fact the shareholders come first. Don’t let them kid you.
    Last year the industry spent $4 Billion on TV advertising. A small drop in the ocean to the billions more they make in profits each year.
    America is bent on pharmaceutical drugs! There is a pill for everything, from sleeping to tingles in your legs. Why don’t we get of our asses and live a healthier lifestyle rather than rush for a quick fix? How about the ad of a guy in a diner eating what can be described as a plate of fats and then reaching for some antacid. On one hand we are being told we are obese as a nation and need to do something about it and on the other we are being told that it’s OK, we have a pill for that.
    It’s the doctors I feel sorry for. They spend thousand of dollars and years of studying to get where they are and then every ten minutes on TV we are told, ‘ask your doctor is so and so is right for you’. Why do we second guess a professional like a doctor with our health and body yet we are happy to drop the car at the shop and let the mechanic go ahead with whatever repairs he sees fit.
    I am sick and tired of this garbage on TV that I have to pay for.