TECHNOLOGY: We’re all agreed about motherhood and apple pie

Information Week (via iHealthbeat) reports on the World Health Congress in which lots of important political people agreed that IT is the way forward to fix the health care mess. Those saying this included not just the usual suspects from the industry but Bill Frist, Tommy Thompson and even briefly in the State of the Union address, Bush himself.

On the one hand, while it’s good that we’re agreeing on the solution, we’re not seeing even the modest kind of Federal leadership that Molly Coye suggested a while back in terms of dollars. On the other hand I suppose that this is an improvement on Clinton holding up a sheet of paper in his 1994 speech and saying that we were going to solve the administrative crisis by having one standard paper form. But it’s 10 years and counting and we haven’t got that far . . . and I don’t honestly think that Wellpoint handing out a few freebies is going to make up the difference even though it’s a noble effort.

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