INDUSTRY: First Healthsouth sentence is a juicy one

OK. I give in and I’m talking about Healthsouth again. An assistant controller, Emery Harris, gets 5 months at Club Fed and has to pay back $100K in the first sentence of the HealthSouth scandal.  Extrapolating up, my guess is that Scrushy will get 12 years.  Meanwhile Scrushy has yet more of his own troubles even before he gets to court, where he plans to challenge the constitutionality of Sarbanes-Oxley.

But the best bit is Harris’ excuse for maintaining his silence.  He noticed that "HealthSouth was buying guns, grenades and spy equipment" and this made him too afraid to go to the authorities. This reminds me of the Monty Python sketch about the Piranha brothers gangsters.  One extortion victim (Michael Palin) was asked why after being threatened with a nuclear war-head why he didn’t go to the police.  He said "Well I noticed that the lad with the thermo-nuclear device was in fact the Chief Constable for the area!"

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