TECHNOLOGY/INDUSTRY: More Tenet-related scuttlebutt

Not that it’s my natural proclivity, but I am enjoying the rumor-mongering abilities that writing this kind of a blog gives me. You’ll recall a while back that I came upon some rumors that Tenet had hired a company for its JCAHO reporting that may have put at risk its ability to remain certified to treat Medicare patients.

The latest I’ve heard is that this company is having problems with a related product. Apparently they found out that no (database) tables were being created for 7 types of medical errors that hospitals report using their software (e.g. medication errors, falls, etc.).  The error was part of a production release sent out over a month ago.  In other words, the 10 hospitals using the product could have (and probably did) reported adverse incidents using the system for over a month and the data for those incidents (that would be used to defend themselves in court, identify risky situations, prevent medication errors, etc.) would be lost. Apparently the head of QA recently left and another senior QA guy followed suit, resulting in a "go along to get along" QA department. 

This is a perfect example of how rushing software to market (without testing, let alone a detailed technical design document) can lead to big mistakes. Apparently this company develops on an ad-hoc basis, often sending out production releases every week.

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