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Worldone+Sermo’s next steps

Worldone+Sermo is the combination created last year of physician research company Worldone Interactive and the physician community Sermo. Sermo was an early Health 2.0 favorite that somewhat lost its way with both its early business model and a dive into politics, but behind it was an interesting experiment in clinical crowdsourcing.

Peter Kirk is the CEO of the combined business and I spoke to him in advance of his appearance at Health 2.0 Europe today in London. What’s clear is that Sermo is both poised to expand internationally and going to grow as a serious platform for clinical exchanges among professionals Watch the interview above to learn much more.

And one charity Sermo is supporting, called Floating Doctors, is showing really innovative use of the platform to help patients in very remote regions get expert diagnoses. The second video is well worth watching and gives a great example of the iConsult product. And if you are in London today, Peter will tell you more!