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Making Sense of MACRA

Health Catalyst FlameThe healthcare transformation from fee for service to fee for outcomes just got an adrenaline shot in the arm April 27th when the Department of Health and Human Services surprised many in the market by announcing a Quality Payment Program, a proposed set of new rules to take effect in 2019.

While the dust is yet to settle from the momentous thud of the 962-page proposal that was dropped seven days ago, Bobbi Brown, Health Catalyst Vice President of Financial Engagement, has a head start in understanding the ramifications of this proposal with more than 30 years working across the largest and most complex healthcare organizations.

Get answers to questions like:

  • What does this mean for you?
  • How will it impact your payments?
  • What should you be doing today to prepare?
  • With quality as a key component to payment, how will it be measured?

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Webinar–Intro to Governance from Nat’l eHealth Collaborative

The first of a two event series on networNational eHealth Collaborativek governance, this is a key opportunity to explore the various  considerations that go into the development of a comprehensive and sustainable governance structure for nationwide health information exchange.

Designed to provide a foundational understanding of the concepts that will be critical to an upcoming rulemaking regarding the governance of the nationwide health information network as called for in the HITECH Act, presentations and discussion will focus on network governance generally, examining some of the wide range of activities that make up “governance,” including regulations, public-private partnerships, advisory bodies, delegations of authority to stakeholder groups and others, forbearance, etc.

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