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#HealthTechDeals Episode 17: Cricket Health, Embold Health, Canopy, Vira Health, and Woebot

We’ve reViVEd from ViVE and the HIMMSanity is over! Jess and I are back to discuss more multimillion-dollar deals: Fresenius/Interwell/Cricket Health is merging to 2.4 billion valuation; Embold Health gets $26 million; Canopy gets $13 million; Vira Health gets $12 million; and Woebot gets $9 million.

-Matthew Holt

Jess DaMassa:

While we revived from Vive and the HIMSS-sanity is over and all that’s left is boring old Matthew Holt and I to pick up the pieces. It can only be the March 22nd episode of Health Tech Deals.

Matthew Holt:

So Jess, I had massive HIMSS FOMO. First time hadn’t been in like 428 years and everyone else was there. And did you care? No?

Jess DaMassa:

I’m two hours away and I’m like, “Nope. Not for me. Not right now.”

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