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Kate’s Counterpane

A wonderful sad and happy story about someone who never thought disease could happen to them. (It’s relatively long and plays in sections or you can go to the original site)

From a system/policy perspective, the role of complementary and allopathic medicine is pretty interesting. But this is a story about a fighter.

Four grumpy lefties with Laura Flanders

Maggie Mahar, Jon Cohn, Jon Nichols and Olga Pierce hang out with Laura Flanders on the amusingly titled GRITtv and discuss how screwed up the politics of health care are in the Senate. Twenty minutes of amusing chat without a “moderate” or a Rpublican in sight. (Can’t get the video to embed here, so sneak over there).

Jonathan Teich, CMIO, Elsevier

Jonathan Teich, CMIO of Elsevier discusses the role of decision support in health care. Jim Lederer from Novant Health, a hospital system in North Carolina sits in on the interview and adds his perspective.

Medicity, CEO Kip Lassetter and SVP Robert Connely

Medicity, CEO Kip Lassetter & SVP Robert Connely talk about the
Medicity/Novo merger and what the combined company does. Interviewed by
Matthew Holt for The Health Care Blog, April 3, 2009 at HIMSS


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