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#HealthTechDeals Episode 08: M&A special! ThirtyMadison & Nurx, Concerto Care, Kindbody, Calm, Withings all at it!

Will Jessica stop laughing? Will we get the intro right? Who knows! 2022 is a big M&A year and this episode is no exception: ThirtyMadison and Nurx have merged, combined they have $300 million in revenue; Concerto Care acquires Crown Health; Kindbody buys Vios Fertility Institute; Calm merges with Ripple Health; Withings buys 8Fit.

-By Matthew Holt


Jessica DaMassa:

I can’t.

Matthew Holt:

I’ll start.

Jessica DaMassa:

No, you can’t start.

Matthew Holt:

Welcome to Health Tech Deals. The show where Jessica DaMassa normally does this part, but she’s can’t because she’s laughing too much. It must be February the 9th, 2022 edition. Possibly? Yes? Maybe? I don’t know. Maybe Jessica will stop laughing after the break.

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