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The PED Question

I am a fan of the Olympic Games and look forward to them every four years.   I was an All-American sprinter myself, having competed against some Olympic medalists, and have a special interest in Track and Field. This is the perfect example of a sport that doesn’t get so much exposure outside of the Summer Olympics, so the events become a stage for athletes in these fields to shine in the rarer-than-usual limelight. The 2012 Olympic Games are underway and as a former athlete and fan, I am looking forward to some amazing performances.

But I am also a sports medicine physician and have treated many elite level athletes, including Olympic Champions. This adds an additional perspective for me as an onlooker- layered within a former athlete, fan, and doctor-and one that I have a hard time coming to grips with. The 2012 Olympic Games are underway and I am looking forward to some amazing performances. The question is, will I believe them?

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The Olympics, Doctors, NHS, Transformation, and Heroes: Why the Difference between USA and UK?

I was surprised when the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics in London honored two of my favorite institutions:  the National Health Service and the World Wide Web.  I was not surprised when LA Times sports writer Diane Pucin posted the following tweet: “For the life of me, though, am still baffled by NHS tribute at opening ceremonies.  Like a tribute to United Health Care or something in US.” @swaldman responded to the sports writer with “Well, maybe, if United Health Care were government-run and a source of national pride.”

I was not surprised when Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer of NBC admitted they had no idea why Tim Berners-Lee was being honored by sending out a tweet.  Ever since I read his book Weaving the Web:  The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by Its Inventor (HarperSanFrancisco, 1999), Berners-Lee has been one of my heroes.  Finally locating my hard copy of the book in the guest bedroom where my son Colin used to sleep, I quickly located the marked passage I was looking for:

“People have sometimes asked me whether I am upset that I have not made a lot of money from the Web.  In fact, I made some quite conscious decisions about which way to take my life. These I would not change…. What does distress me, though, is how important a question it seems to be to some.

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