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Addiction Nature versus Nurture –Which? Both?

flying cadeuciiFor those of you who missed the first essay in this series, on the genetics of addiction, in all of us there is a genetic code, a code, which along with billions of other variations , contains a fairly common single gene genetic variation , the Folic Acid ( Vitamin B9) transport gene, which we can test for, using a cheek swab.

This deficient/diminished Folic Acid transport gene variation, present in many of us, slows or halts the transport of folic acid into our brains, predisposing us to lifetime depression and , in many cases, into early drug or alcohol experimentation, in an attempt to “feel better”. Why?

Folic acid is required by the brain in order to construct the neurotransmitter substances; Dopamine, Norepinephrine, and Seratonin. So, too little or no Folic acid present ,and too little or no brain neurotransmitters get constructed, and the patient’s darkened mood reflects that lack. Experimentation often follows early and often in such patients’ lives.
As most of you know, I run a Suboxone Clinic as well as a standard general practice, and I have yet to discover a Suboxone Clinic patient who transports Folic Acid normally from blood stream into their brain.

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The “90 Day Contract”

flying cadeuciiAt age 77, having been through all of the fun and games of dealing with the New Hampshire Board of Medicine, a predatory local Hospital CEO, and other adversaries, nothing should surprise me anymore. But, I am surprised that intelligent, well-educated physicians would sign a “welcome aboard” new employee contract, a contract that allows their employer hospital to fire them without stated cause and throw them, literally, out the door using the security guards to do so, and without even time to clean up their offices.

Most doctors, however, are now hospital employees, and have knowingly or unknowingly, signed exactly such a contract.Continue reading…