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The Super Mobile Doctor Uses Smartphones and Tablets in Patient Care

Physicians who have adopted smartphones and tablet devices access online resources for health more than less mobile physicians. Furthermore, these “Super Mobile” doctors are using mobile platforms at the point of care.

Physicians adoption and use of mobile platforms in health will continue to grow, according to a survey from Quantia Communications, an online physician community. This poll was taken among 3,798 physician members of QuantiaMD’s community in May 2011. Thus, the sample is taken from the community’s 125,000 physicians who are already digitally-savvy doctors. QuantiaMD calls physicians with both mobile and tablet devices “Super Mobile” physicians.

The most common mobile devices among the Super Mobile doctors in QuantiaMD are iPhones, used by 59%; iPads, used by 29%; and, Android smartphones, used by 20% of the physicians surveyed. Blackberry devices are used by 14% of the doctors in the poll.

Just under one-half of these doctors plan to purchase a mobile device in 2011, notably an iPhone, an iPad, or an Android.


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