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Kota Kubo, Ubie

Kota Kubo is the CEO of Ubie, a Japan-based symptom-checking company. Ubie has raised over $75m including a $45m round in 2022. They were focusing on the Japanese market but have been available in the US since 2022, and are expanding their presence there dramatically in 2024. It’s a direct to consumer product with a business model of helping pharma companies understand their patients better–while of course not letting them have patients’ private or identifiable information. This is a little different than most symptom checkers who tend to work with providers or plans, and I met Kota in Tokyo late last year to discuss the business and get a little demo–Matthew Holt

Infermedica raises a big round and demos new product

Infermedica is a company that started by creating symptom checking and chatbot functionality in Poland back in 2012. It’s spread to delivering that patient-facing diagnosis functionality via API and now as preparation for a physician visit. Today they announce a $30m series B and demo their new product which helps prepare a visit, and integrates into the clinician workflow. I spoke with CEO Piotr Orzechowski and Chief Product Officer Tim Price–Matthew Holt.