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#HealthTechDeals Episode 6: Alto Pharmacy, Althelas, A Place for Mom, And Summus Global

In Episode 6 of Health Tech Deals, Jess and I might be two new characters and Sesame Street! Keep watching to find out which ones. Some new deals, brought to you by the letter A: Alto Pharmacy raises $200 million; Athelas raises $132 million; A Place for Mom raises $175 million; and Summus Global raises $22 million. -Matthew Holt

Jessica DaMassa:              Well, hello, Matthew Holt. I have an important question for you. It looks like all of the deals we have to talk about today start with the letter ‘a’, which leads me to believe that we might be two new characters on Sesame Street. Now, are we more like Ernie and Bert or Oscar the Grouch and Big Bird? Those are the important questions that we’re asking here on the February 2nd episode of “Health Tech Deals”.

Matthew Holt:                   So Jessica. I’m very tall, so I must be Big Bird, and you must be Oscar the Grouch.

Jessica DaMassa:              Don’t think so.

Matthew Holt:                   All right? Maybe the other way. Anyway, it’s all brought to you by the letter ‘a’.

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Interview & Deep Dive into Summus Global

Summus Global is company with a very interesting model that gives a glimpse about the future of virtual care. It delivers online specialty care and much more to employers. You might think that means it is in the second opinion space, or in the care navigation space. And you’d be right, but not completely right. Julian Flannery the CEO tells me that it’s much more than that and has greater ambitions too. I took really deep dive into Summus with conversation with Julian and a thorough demo of the service from Dennis Purcell the COO–Matthew Holt

#Healthin2Point00, Episode 203 | Privia goes public, Vocera acquires PatientSafe Solutions & more

Today on Health in 2 Point 00, Jess hardly knows the value of $100 million anymore – is it a salary, is it an entire fund, is it one single round? On Episode 203, Jess and I cover Vocera buying PatientSafe Solutions and Privia going public with a $3.7 billion market cap. Cash-paid healthcare services company Sesame gets $24 million in a Series B, Ceribell gets $53 million in a Series C for its portable EEG, and Summus Global gets $21 million in a Series B providing virtual specialist care. —Matthew Holt