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#HealthTechDeals Episode 12: Omada Health, Somatus, Qventus, Story Health, and Medibuddy

In this episode of Health Tech Deals, Jess is back! Where was she? Out in the wilds in Arizona, hiking in mountains. A big shoutout to Ian Morrison for filling in. Some recent deals: Omada Health raises $129 million; Somatus raises $325 million; Qventus raises $50 million; Story Health raises $22.6 million; and Medibuddy raises $125 million.


Matthew Holt:

Hang on. You’re not Ian Morrison.

Jessica DaMassa:

I’m not.

Jessica DaMassa:

He let me come back.

Matthew Holt:

Hang on, look. And we’re together.

Jessica DaMassa:

We’re together. I went from being completely away and replaced, to being right next to you.

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