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Defining “Meaningful Use” of Health IT

The federal government’s $20 billion stimulus programs for health IT (HIT) is on its way. Called Hitech—for Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act—it will fund the development of innovative HIT and use a “carrot & stick” financial approach to encourage clinicians to use HIT in meaningful ways. A debate now raging is how to define “meaningful use.”1

A Definition

Meaningful use, to me, means using HIT in ways that are of great value to the patient and other healthcare consumers. It doesn’t matter what types of software tools are used, what communication infrastructure is used, what standards are used, or what certifications are used. It just means that the using HIT should result in ever more effective and efficient (i.e., ever greater value) care delivery.

Increasing care value is unlikely unless clinicians obtain information and guidance assisting them in answering difficult questions, making tough diagnostic and treatment decisions, collaborating effectively, and taking competent action. In addition, healthcare consumers (patients, clients, customers, etc.) would benefit from assistance in selecting the most cost-effective treatment options for existing conditions, and in managing their own health in ways that prevent illness, control chronic conditions, and increase their wellbeing.

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