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What Data Won’t Tell you About Caregiving

As I entered CaringBridge through the technology door, the software engineer in me always seeks data to validate the personal experiences of patients, caregivers, family and friends sharing a health journey. So I could hardly wait to dig into the motherlode of facts and figures published in Caregiving in the United States 2015, a major report produced by AARP and the National Alliance for Caregiving.

The numbers were big, with 43.5 million Americans fitting the definition of “caregiver:”

“A person who has provided unpaid care to a relative or friend over the last 12 months that may include helping with personal needs or household chores. It might be managing a person’s finances, arranging for outside services, or visiting regularly to see how they are doing. The person receiving care does not necessarily live with the caregiver.”

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Interview with Sona Mehring, CEO, CaringBridge

Late last week, I had a chance to talk with Sona Mehring, CEO of CaringBride. For those going through challenges with their health, CaringBridge provides free and easy to create websites that allow family and friends to share in their journey, and provide support and encouragement.

Sona will be on the main stage at the Health 2.0 Conference this fall during our session, In Conversation with Three CEOs, but we just couldn’t wait until September to talk with her! In the interview below, Sona tells the story behind starting CaringBridge, their non-profit model and how providers are integrating the sites into patient care.