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The Evolving Role and Stature of Health Information Management (HIM)

Several companies with roots in the Health Information Management (HIM) sector have emerged in recent years to address the gaps and limitations associated with most EHR deployments.  Although some of these companies have been around for years, and are sometimes incorrectly “boxed” as providing commoditized services in the areas of transcription and release of information services, several have developed exceptional new technology in the fields of clinical language comprehension and analytics that is highly relevant for the business objectives of the most progressive health systems.

The unique ability of certain firms to impact the evolution of the clinical documentation and analytics landscape stems from:

  • The much broader scope of data they can access and analyze due to their ability to source and organize both structured and unstructured clinical data.
  • Their position at the middle of the RCM value chain where clinical data capture and analysis intercept with complex regulatory and financial concepts that are designed to align reimbursement with the appropriateness of care being delivered.
  • Their potential to rationalize “siloed” functions in health systems related to case management, care coordination, utilization review, and compliance at a time when providers are responding to new reimbursement and risk-shift models that require them to operate more like payers.

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