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#HealthTechDeals Episode 13: ModMed, Nayya, Sanofi, Dario Health, Ro, Dadi, and Daybreak Health

Here’s the big question of the day: VIVE or HIMSS or both? Jess and I offer our thoughts on both conferences and which ones we’re going to. Some deals in the past few days: ModMed buys Klara for $200 million; Nayaa raises $55 million; Sanofi and Dario Health have a $30 million deal; Ro acquires Dadi, an in-home sperm testing company; Daybreak Health raises $10 millionMatthew Holt


Jessica DaMassa:

All right, Matthew Holt, the big question of the day: ViVE or HIMSS or both? Ugh.

Matthew Holt:

Or neither?

Jessica DaMassa:

Hey, that’s the way to do it. It’s the March 3rd episode of Health Tech Deals.

Matthew Holt:

So, Jessica, I thought the big question was State of the Union versus invading Ukraine versus .. No, no, it’s all about ViVE versus HIMSS?

Jessica DaMassa:

ViVE versus HIMSS.

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Health in 2 Point 00, Episode 112 | COVID-19, HealthDevJam & loads of deals

Today on Health in 2 Point 00, Jess is joining somebody for their self quarantine in the Oval Office! Shenanigans aside, I give a quick coronavirus update and a shameless plug before diving into our regular coverage of all the deals. As for COVID-19, there’s a ton of activity going on in the digital health world with companies trying to figure out how they can help with this. Catalyst will be presenting some of that, either this weekend or early next week. Next, there’s an FHIR-related HealthDevJam event (free, online) TODAY at 1pm Eastern with lots of great people speaking.

Diving into some non-coronavirus related deals, eConsult company RubiconMD raises $18 million, Lyra Health getes a chunk of change—$75 million—for its mental health platform, Fruit Street Health gets $17 million from an unlikely source, b.well raises $16 million for what’s not a personal health record, and CVS announces that it added 5 digital health companies to its point solution management system. Finally, there’s been some sneaky stuff uncovered about Sanofi. Tune in for all the details on Episode 112. —Matthew Holt

Three Reasons Why 4 of 5 Digital Health Solutions Don’t Make It | Bram Van Leeuwen, Sanofi


4 of 5 digital health solutions won’t make it to the doctor’s office, and Bram Van Leeuwen, Sanofi’s Lead for Digital Innovation BeNeLux, thinks he knows why. Health tech startups (and their health system advocates) should tune in to find out how they can up their odds of getting their tech integrated into existing points of care. Are there any health systems in the world that have excelled at implementing health tech solutions? Bram’s picked some winners and is sharing best practices.

Filmed at HIMSS/Health 2.0 Europe in Helsinki, Finland in June 2019.