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Jennifer Chatman Helps Welcome Health 2.0 EDU to UC Berkeley

On October 3rd, Health 2.0 EDU will be co-hosting an innovative three-day executive education course on digital health with UC Berkeley. In preparation, Senior Director of Academic Programs, Robin Friedlander, interviews professor Jennifer Chatman, the Cortese Distinguished Professor of Management at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, on what it takes to be a leader in health care today:

RF: Why is organizational leadership so important in developing the new health care landscape?

JC: Organizations cannot be effective without effective leadership. Achieving collective goals requires that leaders ensure that people are prioritizing things similarly.

RF: Your courses at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business focus on organizational and high performance cultures. Can you briefly explain what these are and how they develop?

JC: Culture is a leadership tool and, as such, has three criteria: first, the most effective cultures are strategically relevant; they foster the behaviors that will make it more likely that the organization will achieve its strategic aspirations. Second, the culture is strong; people agree, and care intensely, about upholding cultural norms. And third, the culture is adaptable over time.

RF: How do you expect your course on October 3rd with Health 2.0 EDU to differ from your management courses at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business?

JC: [The course] is meant for working executives in the health care field; real issues, real problems will be discussed based on participants’ experiences.

RF: Do you have a take home message for the health technology executives attending your upcoming UC Berkeley course with Health 2.0 EDU?

JC: That culture is deliberate, not something that simply happens to an organization.

Registration for the executive course ends September 1, 2013. The full agenda is available here.

How Digital Technology is Transforming Value in Health Care

Health 2.0 has collaborated with UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business to offer a first of its kind executive education course to be held this October 3rd-5th in Berkeley, California.

How Digital Technology is transforming Value in Health Care is a three-day course for health care leaders and executives in health IT who will benefit from expert instruction, critical analysis, and high-level discussion around this rapidly changing and exponentially growing area. Digital technology impacts nearly all aspects of health care today, and yet so much of this technology is new to those at the front lines of improving care delivery, be they on the payor side, provider side or service side.

Professors including Bob Rogers PhD, chief data scientist at Apixio, Ann O’Leary, chief expert on the organization and financing of the health care system at Berkeley School of Law, and Jaspal Sandhu PhD, systemic innovation expert, will cover topics including big data, policy and regulatory issues in health IT, and patient-centered design.

The Health 2.0-Berkeley course is part of a larger initiative, Health 2.0 EDU, which is a response to widespread demand for a targeted, learning objectives-driven, and comprehensive education program for the health care and health IT communities. EDU brings draws upon Health 2.0’s seven year history of curating and presenting excellent content as well as its worldwide network of leaders in health care technology. Health 2.0 EDU also offers online courses and workshops through a new virtual learning center.

For those who plan to come to the Health 2.0 Fall Conference, registration for the Health 2.0-Berkeley course grants you a 50% discount for the conference ticket. Space is limited – you can register early here.

Robin Friedlander, MD is the senior director of consumer and academic programs at Health 2.0.