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Health Care Registries: Powerful Tool, Narcoleptic Name

flying cadeuciiDon’t let the name fool you—registries are important. Here are three powerful functions they can enable:

1). Collect data on real-world patient outcomes.
2). Create a feedback mechanism for health care providers—how well are patients faring under treatment?
3).Facilitate changes in care, and improvements in outcomes, based on that feedback.

Imagine this: You’re feeling sick and decide to go see the doctor. You receive a treatment, and in short order, you’re feeling much better. You’re a walking testimonial to the effectiveness of that treatment.

But where is this outcome recorded? Your doctor follows up and is aware that the treatment worked for you. But this is not a clinical trial, and these outcomes are not being systematically observed. So your experience becomes an anecdote—not a data point—which is to say, it doesn’t count. This is where registries come in.

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