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#HealthTechDeals Episode 11: MindMaze, Memora Health, Ro, PriorAuthNow, and Equip

On this episode of Health Tech Deals, Ian Morrison is pinch-hitting for Jessica DaMassa! Ian and I worked together 25+ years ago, and he’s been sitting in Silicon Valley looking at the American health care system for a long long time. Some deals – MindMaze raises $105M; Memora Health raises $40M; Ro raises $150M; PriorAuthNow raises $25M; Equip raises $58M. Ian also shares his opinions on the American health system and the digital health space–Matthew Holt


Ian Morrison:

Hi there, I’m Jess DaMassa. Actually, no, Jess DaMassa. Jess DaMassa is a friend of mine and I am no Jess DaMassa. I am Ian Morrison. I am pinch hitting for Jess DaMassa, how could I possibly pinch hit? Matthew told me I had to go and put my kilt on and spruce myself up a bit. But anyway, it’s an honor, a deep honor to be here for the February 18th episode of Health Teach Deals.

Matthew Holt:

So Ian, it’s a Dan Quayle line. No, it’s not the Dan Quayle, it’s the Lloyd Bentsen line about Dan Quayle.

Ian Morrison:


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