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Urbanspoon Founder Gets Into Insurance

Ever since I helped create Urbanspoon I’ve had a penchant for building software that’s easy to use, mildly provocative and fun. Those ingredients are a potent combination when mixed in the right proportions.

My most recent project is PickHealthInsurance, which helps consumers pick a health insurance plan. I released the first version yesterday and it quickly shot up to #1 on Hacker News, my favorite startup news site. It turns out that self-employed people everywhere are having trouble picking insurance.

How did a lowly software engineer like me end up sticking my nose into the insurance business?

A few weeks ago I realized my COBRA was about to run out. I’ve purchased individual health insurance before so I wasn’t completely terrified, though my memories were unpleasant. I started poking around online and quickly became frustrated. There are only a few options for buying insurance online and I find them clunky and dated.

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