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Only the Information You Need – Physicians’ Desk Reference Gets Mobile Upgrade

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Drug reference apps have become a go-to resource for healthcare professionals, with 46% of smartphone-using physicians accessing them at least once per week, and 26% daily. With so many choices, how do you know if the information you are referencing is accurate?  The good news is the most trusted resource for drug information just received an upgrade this summer.

Redesigned with the healthcare professional in mind, the new mobilePDR provides quick, easy access to the drug information you need, especially “when you’re on the clock, oncall, or on vacation” says PDR Chief Medical Officer, Salvatore Volpe, MD.

Make Informed, Patient-Centric Decisions with Fast, One-Tap Access to Powerful Drug Look Up

Amongst the enhancements, the new mobilePDR provides fast, one-tap access to powerful drug reference tools where you can search by brand, generic, or pharmacological class name. Plus, you can personalize the experience by saving searches for frequently prescribed drugs or access recent searches with a single tap.

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