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Stealth marketing: doctors and public radio

Over at Slate, veteran health care journalists Shannon Brownlee and Jeanne Lenzer raise tough questions about the lack of disclosure regarging four doctors’ ties to the makers of antidepressants, while they told audiences of public radio stations nationwide that the connections between suicide and antidepressants were largely overblown.

The radio program, Infinite Mind, produced the show in April titled Prozac Nation: Revisited.

Here is writers’ nutgraph:

"The radio show, which was broadcast nationwide and paid for in part by
the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, had the air of
quiet, authoritative credibility. Host Dr. Fred Goodwin, a former
director of the National Institute of Mental Health, interviewed three
prominent guests, and any radio producer would be hard-pressed to find
a more seemingly credible quartet. Credible, that is, except for a
crucial detail that was never revealed to listeners: All four of the
experts on the show, including Goodwin, have financial ties to the
makers of antidepressants. Also unmentioned were the "unrestricted
grants" that
The Infinite Mind has received from drug makers, including Eli Lilly, the manufacturer of the antidepressant Prozac."

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