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Healthcare: Right or Responsibility?

Steven schimpffDuring the presidential debates, Tom Brokow asked, “Is healthcare a right, a privilege or a responsibility?”The candidates did not answer the question, but now would be a good time for Congress and the Obama Administration to balance the rights being offered as part of reform with corresponding responsibilities.

We are the only developed country that does not assure all of its citizens basic medical care insurance access – shame on us. We spend more per capita for medical care than any other developed country yet our outcomes are not the best – shame on us. We mostly use price controls to try to slow rapidly escalating costs. They not only don’t work but leave patients with less than adequate care and huge bureaucratic frustrations – not logical. All too many individuals find that they are denied coverage because of a preexisting condition when they move from one job to another or find themselves unemployed – unacceptable. As a population we have all too many adverse behaviors such obesity, lack of exercise and smoking that are leading to expensive, lifelong chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart failure – killing ourselves. And primary care physicians find that they do not have time to offer good preventive care nor care coordination to those with chronic illnesses because insurance does not pay for these essential activities, thereby resulting in more visits to specialists, more expensive prescriptions when life style changes could have been effective, more procedures and tests – all of which lead to higher total costs of care.

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