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Robin Berzin, CEO & Founder, Parsley Health

Robin Berzin used to work with me at Health 2.0 , as well as combining her medical training with lots of media production and other work. Fast forward a decade and Robin has left the rest of us in the dust. She’s now the Founder and CEO of Parsley Health, which is a really innovative primary care++ clinic that is based on the foundations of functional medicine, and is having tremendous success treating and transforming the lives of thousands of patients who were not getting what they needed from the traditional health care syste,. Now Parsley is aggressively moving into the employer market. I caught up with Robin at the recent HLTH conference.–Matthew Holt

Why I’m Starting a Radically Different Kind of Medical Practice

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 11.03.12 AMWe hear a lot about how US medicine is broken, from how much we spend annually ($4 trillion) for unimpressive outcomes, to the growing epidemic of obesity and diabetes, to problematic financial models, to the growing malaise amongst doctors.

Across US health care, a lot of smart people are crafting solutions to these problems, but in my view the reality is that many of them are generating efficiencies on top of a broken product.

The real problem is that conventional primary care as it’s practiced today no longer serves the needs of most people, be they wealthy or under-served, be they patient or provider.

I am starting Parsley Health, a new kind of medical practice that directly addresses these problems, first by providing something called Functional Medicine rather than traditional primary care, and second by providing functional medicine in a tech driven, modern and affordable way.

What is Functional Medicine?

I became a functional medicine doctor because early on I recognized two major limitations of the conventional medicine.

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