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From Ophthalmology Clinic to At-Home Device: Disrupting OTC Testing | Helge Sudkamp, Visotec


Optical coherence tomography, otherwise known as OCT testing, gives eye doctors a glimpse of the retina to help detect eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinopathy, and more. So, what’s wrong with current methods of testing? Helge Sudkamp, CEO & co-founder of Visotec, explains how traditional OCT machines are huge, bulky and expensive — limiting scanning to infrequent visits at the doctor’s office. His company has a new take on OCT tech that puts the scanning into patients’ hands with a small, portable device that can be used daily AT HOME. What can daily at-home monitoring offer eye patients and their doctors? Never-before-collected data on the day-to-day progress of eye disease for one. Find out more about how Visotec ultimately hopes to leverage this new info to build algorithms into their devices that will be able to detect biomarkers that help identify eye diseases faster.

Filmed at Bayer G4A Signing Day in Berlin, Germany, October 2019.