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Tim O’Connell, CEO, emtelligent

Tim O’Connell discusses emtelligent’s capability to take unstructured clinical data and using NLP, match it to clinical ontologies and figure out what disease patients have, and enable payers and providers to do something about it–rather than payment coding which is what NLP has usually been used for. I spoke to him at HIMSS in March where he was launching emtelligent own new large language model (LLM). Anyone with a health data set is a potential client, but Tim thinks we can use all this data and his company’s technology to radically improve our understanding of clinical care, and improve it–Matthew Holt

WTF Health | Scaling Up NLP with Simon Beaulah of Linguamatics

WTF Health – ‘What’s the Future’ Health? is a new interview series about the future of the health industry and how we love to hate WTF is wrong with it right now. Can’t get enough? Check out more interviews at

What can you find diving into the black hole of healthcare’s unstructured data? Natural Language Processing (NLP) seems to be the ‘tech du jour’ this year, so I spoke to early-entrant Simon Beaulah of Linguamatics about the big picture of NLP-plus-AI and the tech’s evolving role in improving care by putting together a more complete ‘patient narrative’ in the EMR.

Wanna hear his thoughts on what’s next for NLP in terms of scaling? Jump in at 2:15 mark.

Dean Stephens updates Healthline’s new entry into clinical world

A few weeks back I caught up with a Health 2.0 veteran Dean Stephens, CEO of Healthline. For those of you who’ve not been paying attention has become a very fast growing consumer site–now with over 30m visits a month. Meanwhile, Dean’s been incubating a provider-focused natural language search product called Coding InSight to extract information from EMRs, which will compete with the likes of Apixio, Clinithink and others. Many more details in the interview below!