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#HealthTechDeals Episode 15| Clarify, Embedded Healthcare, Wildflower, Vivante Health, Gravie, Nice

We made it back from ViVE in one piece! Will Jess DaMassa stab me in the back Brutus-Style? Tune in to find out as we discuss deals: Clarify buys Embedded Healthcare; Wildflower raises $26 million; Vivante Health raises $16 million; Gravie raises $75 million; and Nice Healthcare raises $30 million.

Matthew Holt


Jess DaMassa:

Well, we made it back from Vive all in one piece and we landed squarely in the Ides of March. Will I stab Matthew Holt in the back Brutus-style? Tune to the March 15th episode of Health Tech DEALS. Oh Matthew Holt, those ruthless Romans, never trust an Italian. That’s the lesson here.

Matthew Holt:

Well, sad enough, I trusted you and you told me to buy some stocks. And now, have you seen digital digital health talks yesterday?

Matthew Holt:

Everybody off another 10%?

Jess DaMassa:

Okay, but how does that compare with the reality of everything else right now?

Matthew Holt:

I don’t know. Somehow, Teladoc was about 300 a year ago

Jess DaMassa:

Don’t even talk to me about Teladoc.

Matthew Holt:

Now it’s around 50.

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Health in 2 Point 00, Halloween Edition (Ep 163)

It’s the Halloween edition of Health in 2 Point 00 where we round up a bunch of smaller deals plus Medidata buying MC10. The smaller ones include Navina, Nice Healthcare and Vitable (who appear to be the same thing in telehealth), Coa (mental health group classes), and Quit Genius (smoking cessation) which somehow has the tennis playing William sisters on board. But the main question of today is whether Jess DaMassa is wearing a mermaid tail below that wig!Matthew Holt


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