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#HealthTechDeals Episode 13: ModMed, Nayya, Sanofi, Dario Health, Ro, Dadi, and Daybreak Health

Here’s the big question of the day: VIVE or HIMSS or both? Jess and I offer our thoughts on both conferences and which ones we’re going to. Some deals in the past few days: ModMed buys Klara for $200 million; Nayaa raises $55 million; Sanofi and Dario Health have a $30 million deal; Ro acquires Dadi, an in-home sperm testing company; Daybreak Health raises $10 millionMatthew Holt


Jessica DaMassa:

All right, Matthew Holt, the big question of the day: ViVE or HIMSS or both? Ugh.

Matthew Holt:

Or neither?

Jessica DaMassa:

Hey, that’s the way to do it. It’s the March 3rd episode of Health Tech Deals.

Matthew Holt:

So, Jessica, I thought the big question was State of the Union versus invading Ukraine versus .. No, no, it’s all about ViVE versus HIMSS?

Jessica DaMassa:

ViVE versus HIMSS.

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