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Interview: Robert Armstrong, CEO, Appstem

Continuing my series of interviews from HIMSS17, is one with Robert Armstrong, CEO of Appstem. Appstem is one of the companies that quietly builds most of those ubiquitous mobile apps branded by health plans, pharma companies and a large number of product companies too. It’s an example of the hyper-specialization going on within technology, as even well funded product companies start to use companies like Appstem to build onto their partner APIs and build out their portfolios. An interesting niche and one that’s a lot more important that you’d think–it’s well worth a listen to Robert to find out more.

Mobile App or Mobile Web? Solving the mHealth Dilemma


App Decision

Mobile App or Mobile Web?  

Many hospitals today find themselves stuck at a crossroads – whether to develop a mobile website, or go through the costly process of building an app?  With a mountain of factors to consider – resources, costs, technology, connectivity, and most importantly, meeting the needs of the mobile patient – this becomes a loaded question.

The Ease of Mobile Web

Consumers spend 52 hours annually looking for health information online. Providers need to reach these consumers quickly and consistently. Mobile websites are a great starting point for that. With a mobile website, hospitals can use existing content and resources. Plus, compared to custom app development, mobile websites are less expensive to create.

So, if a hospital sees that, why would they need a native app?

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