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Get Ready for (Healthcare) Microgrids


We depend on it.  Indeed, our daily lives are unimaginable without it.  The trouble is, it’s become unreliable.  Lives have been lost because it wasn’t performing when it needed to be.  It’s built around large facilities that are often decades old.  Parts of it don’t communicate/coordinate well with others.  Its workforce is aging and burnt out.  There is no person or agency charged with ensuring its resiliency. It badly needs to be rethought for the 21st century. 

Oh, you thought I was talking about our nation’s power grid?  I was talking about our healthcare system.  

The parallels are striking, and concerning.  They’re huge industries, based on early 20th century approaches, and beset by 21st-century challenges to which they may not be easily adaptable.  If we don’t manage their evolution to the 21st century right, we’re dead.  Literally.  

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