An Interview with InterSystems Clinical Advisor Nelson Le

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.18.57 PMAn interview with Nelson Le, clinical advisor and senior product advisor for InterSystems

 Michelle Noteboom: Give me an overview of InterSystems and clarify your role in the company.

Nelson Le: InterSystems is a global healthcare IT company and we have different products that we offer the market. We say that technology is the pathway to making an impact in healthcare. The team that I work on is focused on interoperability and our position is that in order to achieve clinical outcomes and to perform well as a healthcare system, you need to be able to be interoperable and connect all your different systems, your different stakeholders, and all the data that you have regarding your patients and your performance.

My role on the team is clinical adviser. What that means is that I look at our products and solutions, I look at our positioning, and I look at our customer base and figure out how we can use technology to drive strong clinical outcomes.Continue reading…