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Manav Sevak, CEO, Memora Health: Interview & Demo

Manav Sevak is the (young and very smart) CEO of Memora Health. I must admit to thinking that their service was just a patient chatbot, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s digitizing care workflows that touch both patients and of course the clinical care teams that support them–especially outside the walls of the hospital. They also collect a lot of patient data, and then guide their patients through their complex journey. Manav dives deep into the product and shows us a tad of the secret sauce behind the relatively simple front end of the product. Memora raised $40m earlier this year ($50m total) with Transformation, A16z, Frist Cressey & more in the cap table. If you want to understand how technology is changing clinical workflows in health care, this is a fascinating session–Matthew Holt

#HealthTechDeals Episode 11: MindMaze, Memora Health, Ro, PriorAuthNow, and Equip

On this episode of Health Tech Deals, Ian Morrison is pinch-hitting for Jessica DaMassa! Ian and I worked together 25+ years ago, and he’s been sitting in Silicon Valley looking at the American health care system for a long long time. Some deals – MindMaze raises $105M; Memora Health raises $40M; Ro raises $150M; PriorAuthNow raises $25M; Equip raises $58M. Ian also shares his opinions on the American health system and the digital health space–Matthew Holt


Ian Morrison:

Hi there, I’m Jess DaMassa. Actually, no, Jess DaMassa. Jess DaMassa is a friend of mine and I am no Jess DaMassa. I am Ian Morrison. I am pinch hitting for Jess DaMassa, how could I possibly pinch hit? Matthew told me I had to go and put my kilt on and spruce myself up a bit. But anyway, it’s an honor, a deep honor to be here for the February 18th episode of Health Teach Deals.

Matthew Holt:

So Ian, it’s a Dan Quayle line. No, it’s not the Dan Quayle, it’s the Lloyd Bentsen line about Dan Quayle.

Ian Morrison:


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