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Health care reform: econo-think, democracy and sustainability

Wendell Potter on Bill Moyers Bill Moyers Journal recently interviewed Wendell
Potter, who spent much of his career in corporate communications for health
insurance giants CIGNA and Humana. Every American concerned about affordable
and quality health care and the American political system should watch it.

Potter went public to tell the truth about how the health
insurance industry advances both its bottom line and its massive political
advocacy against meaningful health care reform.

Moyers asked Potter, “Why is the industry so powerful on both
sides of the aisle?”  Potter’s
reply: “Well, money and relationships, ideology.”

The distinctive ideology Potter mentions deserves more national
dialogue and deeper understanding.

Toffler in his groundbreaking work Future Shock labeled the strict adherence to free market principles
Potter references “econo-think.”

A core belief is that investor profit drives
the material and moral “worth” of products and services, and is the metric of
social progress.

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Op-Ed: Sustainable Healthcare Reform

President Obama made a risky wager when he decided to let Congress take the lead on crafting health care legislation, rather than presenting his own reform package. Congress is not known for taking bold, decisive leadership on tough issues. Normally, it reacts and gridlocks; it doesn’t lead.

As Congress takes its usual August recess without acting, it appears that Obama’s strategy has failed. But, has it? Is there a deeper strategy? What’s really at stake here?

Obama reportedly reasoned that Congress will do better in the long-run if it protects its institutional prerogative as law maker and doesn’t take on the appearance of being the President’s rubber stamp. This is a plausible calculation. The last time Congress was asked to respond to a President’s health care reform proposal during the Clinton years it did so by throwing the whole package in the trash can.Continue reading…