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The Iora Health Fellowship: A Call For Applicants

flying cadeuciiAs physicians, we pride ourselves on our clinical wins – nailing the diagnosis of a rare disorder or helping a patient achieve control of their long-standing diabetes. However, we commonly face intense frustration and high rates of burnout due to socioeconomic, political, and bureaucratic forces that prevent us from delivering impactful patient care. This frustration is compounded by the constant proliferation of changes in healthcare policy and care delivery to address alarming increases in healthcare cost and waste. Between the deluge of paperwork, regulations, and resource constraints, we often ask ourselves: Why does the system often hinder rather than enhance the physician-patient relationship?

The truth is that physicians can no longer sit on the sidelines. The questionable value of so many clinical procedures and the immense cost baked into the system are clearly unsustainable. Given that physicians – with their patients – ultimately make decisions regarding care plans, they are uniquely positioned to move the healthcare system to one that rewards doing only what is best for the patient. Yet, current physician training rarely incorporates curriculum designed to create systems thinkers capable of leading multi-discplinary care teams.

Enter Iora Health and its unique fellowship in primary care innovation and leadership. Iora is an innovative primary care delivery startup that is committed to restoring humanity to healthcare. It advances a high-impact, relationship based primary care model that is backed by talented health coaches, robust technology, and payment that is focused on patient outcomes.

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