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THCB Quickbite: Steve Yaskin, Health Gorilla

Steve Yaskin is CEO of Health Gorilla and probably the only non-lawyer who has read the entire 21st Century Cures Act, and decided that there was a business buried in it. If we are going to fix the data access problem and then move that data to where it is needed in the patient care experience, it’s a good bet that Health Gorilla’s health information network will be a big part of that future. Steve told me about the company, its technology for patient identity and matching (among others), and what it means to be an official QHIN exchanging data using FHIR. Will consumers and providers on their behalf demand access to data? Steve & Health Gorilla have raised over $80m to bet “yes”, and are doubling revenue every year–Matthew Holt

HLTH 2022: Health Gorilla & Interoperability’s New TEFCA-Fueled Future

Health Gorilla is in the business of health data interoperability and the double-backflip this startup is doing to both make clinical data an easily accessible commodity – while also making sure that access to that data adheres to the privacy rules established by the US government – takes a minute to understand, but is critically important for the future of many health tech businesses.

CEO Steve Yaskin takes on the tough job giving us a brief overview of TEFCA (the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement) which is meant to establish once-and-for-all a common ground for data interoperability. Then, we get into QHINs – a specially designated group of “qualified health information networks – and how his business is applying for this certification to further build “the bridge” between the public sector and the private sector and what’s needed to achieve compliance for data exchange.

Phew! No wonder this startup has landed nearly $80 million dollars in funding! We talk about the basis for the business model – but, more importantly, the real market need – and find out what’s in store for all of us in the next chapter of data interoperability.

#HealthTechDeals Episode 14: Elemy, Health Gorilla, M_disrupt; Flume; and Homeward Health

In this episode of Health Tech Deals, Jess and I say hello to you from Miami! Together at ViVE 2022, we weigh in on some big funding deals! We also have a short cameo along the way (watch to see who it is)! Elemy raises $215 million; Health Gorilla raises $50 million; M_disrupt raises $6 million; Flume raises $30 million; and Homeward Health raises $20 million.


Jessica DaMassa:

Hello from Miami. I am at ViVE and look, the exhibit hall coming down around me. Here’s what the reg area looked like. People are leaving, everybody’s got their bags and ah, look who I’ve got. Weighing in with the big funding deals from ViVE, Matthew Holt. It is the March 10th episode of Health Tech Deals. Well, we’re selfie-style here, because we are on the move.

Matthew Holt:

Yeah. You had a fantastic professional cameraman and we decided not to use him

Jessica DaMassa:

No. Instead we’re using this, but I’ve interviews for you guys coming out of this.

Matthew Holt:

Even I did some, actually a lot of stuff going on in the show, pretty interesting. And there were a few deals announced.

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