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“I can’t sleep, doc.”


“Yeah. And it ain’t like I ain’t sleepy, either. I just be sitting there. Just up and bored.”

“Tell me about your evenings.”

“I get in bed at like eleven. I turn on my television and just watch some TV. You know, Leno and the news.”


“My old lady falls asleep and then I just sit there. Wide awake.  After while, I shut off my television and just lay there.”


“I know . . . .  I ain’t supposed to watch TV in bed, but I’m telling you, doc, it ain’t that.”

“That television can be harder on you than you think. Has it always been hard for you to sleep?”

“No, ma’am. I used to sleep fine. And as for that TV? Naw, it ain’t that. I been sleeping with my TV for years.”Continue reading…