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Why a Patient 2.0 Panel at the Health 2.0 DC conference?

This is the first of two posts about the inspiring Patients 2.0 panel I helped organized at Health 2.0 DC. This one will explain the rationale for organizing such a panel. The second will provide a link to all the presentations and to the panelist biographies.

A while back, while he entire country was wondering if “health care reform” was ever going to become a reality, I had a conversation with Matthew Holt about the need to have a patients-only panel at the Health 2.0 conference. Matt graciously accepted the idea.

The panel was originally organized to convey, from the patient viewpoint, a few ideas, based on the following facts:

  • payment reform is not health care reform,
  • nobody has more at stake in real health care reform than patients,
  • patients are the most underutilized resource of the health care system and,
  • meaningful reform won’t happen until the patients are at the center of the effort.

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