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A Change Management Guru’s Guide to Working with Clinicians | Dr. Margaret Kennedy, Gevity Inc.


One of the biggest challenges clinicians face in delivering good care is keeping up with today’s up-and-coming revolutionary health technology. Dr. Margaret Kennedy, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer at Gevity Consulting, is often charged with helping health systems change clinicians’ perspectives when it comes to digital health and tech. So, what has she learned? Among other things, it turns out that some clinicians are more inclined to accept technological change than others. Are there certain traits these ‘early adopters’ have in common? Or does it have to do with the way the healthcare organization sells the tech’s value prop? Hint, hint: You can never go wrong when you can appeal to a clinician’s desire to provide better care.

Filmed in the HISA Studio at HIC 2019 in Melbourne, Australia, August 2019.

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