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Helping Health Tech Developers Connect to Connected Devices | Friedrich Lämmel, Thryve


Thryve has created a “connection point” for all different data sources that varies from other companies.Friedrich Lämmel explains the problem behind having just one data source and how the company makes it easier for companies make it more accessible for patients. Startups looking for a fast way to get access to hundreds of data points from top wearables, sensors, and tracking devices need look no further than Thryve. A single SDK point for accessing a bunch of health data, the company has taken the friction out of connecting to connected devices for developers in more ways than one. Friedrich Lämmel talks about all the ‘magic’ of Thryve and about winning the EC2VC competition at HIMSS/Health 2.0 Europe.

Filmed at HIMSS/Health 2.0 Europe in Helsinki, Finland in June 2019.

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